Blockchain Mercantile Company launches Pre-Sale for first tokenized commodity: Ultrafine Copper Powder MBX

Published: May 1, 2022, Last Updated: July 7, 2022

Istanbul, Turkey: Blockchain Mercantile Company announced the launch of their first tokenized commodity, Ultrafine Copper Powder MBX (UCP MBX). It is fully backed by copper powder with copper purity of 99.999+% and ultrafine particle size. The underlying physical assets are stored in a duty-free safekeeping facility near Zurich, Switzerland. UCP MBX is an electronic warehouse receipt that is tokenized on multiple blockchains.

Blockchain Mercantile Company is an innovative commodity marketer and service provider for the commodity trade industry developing a proprietary blockchain (MBX Chain) and decentralized applications for transactions relating to the commodity industry. MBX E-Commodities are an integral part of this new decentralized platform.

“UCP MBX is the first step towards a more transparent, efficient and digital copper powder market”, says Sven Köksal, Founder of Blockchain Mercantile Company, “The tokenization of commodities allows for the use of decentralized applications and smart contracts in transactions relating to the underlying assets”.

Benefits of tokenized commodities

Tokenized commodities offer a variety of benefits, ranging from increased liquidity and more flexible trade finance possibilities to much faster transaction settlement times, increased cost efficiency and security. Click here to learn more about the benefits of tokenized commodities

The tokenization of warehouse receipts solves the paper-fraud issue that is traditionally associated with warehouse receipts currently (click here to read more about the fraud resilience of blockchains). Furthermore, it makes intermediaries such as banks, that are currently needed to facilitate transactions, obsolete.

Why tokenize copper powder?

UCP MBX offers a new way to invest in a high purity copper product. Ultrafine Copper Powder is currently not exchange-traded yet an important raw material, in particular for high-tech applications (click here to read more about the applications of copper powder).

The tokenization combined with listing on various digital asset exchanges (in particular the DEX integrated in MBX Chain) will create a decentralized and transparent marketplace and price-finding mechanism for ultrafine copper powder.

As it is uncommon that commodities go public for the first time, the Pre-Sale and consequent Initial Token Offering of UCP MBX presents itself as a rare opportunity for investors that believe in the potential of copper in times of high inflation and high demand. Coupled with blockchain technology it is an exciting new commercial trading and speculative investment product in one.

Features and benefits include amongst many:

  • Most efficient long-term investing into physical copper due to value to size ratio of the underlying copper powder;
  • Ultrafine copper powder is an important raw material for many high-tech applications;
  • Ultrafine copper powder gains unprecedented transferability as blockchain token;
  • Physical assets are kept safe in a professional high-security and duty-free storage facility in Switzerland.

On top of this, to compensate for the initial lack of liquidity, we are offering Pre-Sale and Initial Token Offering participants highly attractive prices.

As UCP MBX holders need to complete KYC to get whitelisted and the discounts only last for a limited supply we recommend all interested parties to start the whitelisting procedure as soon as possible.