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tokenization service

Connecting you with an untapped market of potential buyers & simplifying transactional processes

MBX will improve liquidity of your physical assets through tokenization, a process that digitizes physical assets using blockchain technology. Digitization will provide distribution channels that tap both the commercial user and the institutional investor. MBX seamlessly connects the global network of participants to create a broad, stable, and easily accessible market. With MBX, commodity suppliers can directly participate in global commodity markets and access a new type of customer for industrial actors: Speculative traders. Suppliers can sell their products flexibly, peer to peer, without any counter-party default risk and at optimal prices. If requested we can additionally manage the sales procedure and market your e-commodities to buyers. For suppliers planning to tokenise commodities on a regular basis we offer semi-automated procedures and long-term cooperation programs.
  • Stage 1 - Compliance Check

    Commodities and suppliers are screened for AML and sanction compliance

  • Stage 2 - Assaying & Classification

    Commodity is thoroughly inspected for quality and grade specifications

  • Stage 3 - Legal Framework

    The design of the token is determined and associated legal work is completed

  • Stage 4 - Logistics & Storage

    The commodities are transported to and stored in specified warehouse

  • Stage 5 - Digital Delivery

    Corresponding MBX Tokens are issued to account of client

  • Stage 6 - Liquidation

    Owner, with full control over MBX tokens, can sell commodity at independently set price on any online exchange or off- market to customers of his choice. Alternatively, tokens can be locked and used to obtain loans from financiers.

contract settlement

The decentralized contract settlement tool for commodity transactions

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Why sell with MBX?

The benefits of MBX for suppliers of commodities:


Sell from within high demand markets

Locations for the underlying assets are chosen based on factors such as high demand and efficient transportation routes to major industrial hubs. Together with the high liquidity coming from speculative exchange traders as well as industrial demand, there is a potential for suppliers to capture premium prices when selling their products on MBX.


Minimize KYC, due diligence & compliance processes

Traders utilizing MBX decentralized applications and the MBX Chain native decentralized exchange can be sure that their counterparty is not affected by any economic sanctions as they are screened by MBX during the whitelisting procedure reducing the need for compliance departments.


Wide range of customers and global liquidity

Commodity suppliers can find a wide range of buyers instantly on online marketplaces such as the MBX Chain native DEX, reducing the need for intermediaries or large sales desks and automating sales procedures. MBX enables you to access a previously unreached customer class of financial traders such as hedgers and speculators without regional restrictions caused by infrastructural limitations.


Fair and transparent price finding

MBX E-Commodity transactions are automatically recorded on the distributed ledger. Although parties remain anonymous behind a wallet ID (and wallets can be renewed), the transaction details can be followed live allowing market participants to set prices accordingly.


Sell physical commodities safely & p2p

The tokenization of commodities enables the effective use of decentralized applications and smart-contracts in commodity trading. This peer to peer system replaces costly banking instruments and other centralized systems currently used to facilitate trade.

Be in full digital control of your assets

Make use of non-custodial platforms such as MBX Chain to be secure, in full control of your digital assets, and set your own terms for the sale. Reduce your cyber-security vulnerability by limiting your use of centralized systems and platforms.

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FAQ's: MBX E-Commodities

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