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Unprecedented access to physical commodities

Trade physical commodities together with industrial and financial actors in spot markets

Currently, physical commodity markets are complex to navigate let alone access for non-professionals without a history in trading. Mercantile Blockchain Exchange enables unprecedented access to physical commodity markets for financial traders of any size. We significantly simplify commodity ownership and trading and enable financial traders to buy and sell in markets directly connected to industrial demand and supply. We also lower entry barriers for retail traders with no trade minimums (after IEOs) and divisible units. Traders are not limited to a marketplace and can manage their tokens on non-custodial platforms. The thorough inspection of commodities and relating documents, screening of commodity owners and auditing of storage process ensures the integrity of the "trust-less" trading platform to the highest possible decentralisation and lets traders of MBX Tokens comfortably transact without having to worry about the integrity of the underlying assets.

Why trade with MBX?

The benefits of MBX for financial traders of commodities:


Access physical commodity markets

We bring previously inaccessible physical commodity markets to you digitally and make them trade-able with crypto-currency. Furthermore, we replace commodity derivatives that are largely detached from physical markets with a hybrid (financial and industrially used) asset.

Flexible peer to peer trading

Traders are not limited to a marketplace and can move their assets between exchanges and platforms that list MBX E-Commodities or sell their commodities off-marketplace.


Fair and transparent price finding

Traders of MBX E-Commodities are not limited in choice of counter-party and will be able to follow recent trade prices between multiple parties on public ledgers in live allowing market participants to set prices accordingly.


No counter-party default risk

Unlike commodity derivatives, MBX tokenized commodities do not carry the risk of your counter-party (issuer of derivative) defaulting as they are fully backed by physical commodities at all times.


Globally and 24/7 accessible markets

Blockchain technology and decentralization enables a round-the-clock functional platform with no barriers caused by limitations of the technological infrastructure making it possible to access the platform globally.


Fast, secure & efficient

Tokenized commodities can be used with decentralized infrastructure such as Mercantile Blockchain Exchange, a non-custodial peer to peer order book based exchange for tokenized commodities and other crypto-assets, increasing efficiency and security.

Curious for more?

FAQ's: MBX E-Commodities

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