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Tokenized commodities for industrial buyers

Source commodities and hedge raw material costs with tokenized commodities by MBX

Prepare for rising commodity and raw material prices by building financially liquid and externally managed stockpiles of the raw materials you need. Source raw materials and commodities with significantly reduced risks and transactional costs.

Why buy with MBX?

The benefits of MBX for industrial buyers of commodities:


Minimize KYC, due diligence & compliance processes

Traders utilizing MBX decentralized applications and the MBX Chain native decentralized exchange can be sure that their counterparty is not affected by any economic sanctions as they are screened by MBX during the whitelisting procedure reducing the need for compliance departments.

Utilize fast, cheap & secure digital trading infrastructure

Commodity tokenization enables the effective use of decentralized applications and smart-contracts in commodity trading. This peer to peer system replaces costly banking instruments and other centralized systems currently used to facilitate trade.

Outsource logistics at optimal conditions

Keep unused raw materials in a cost-effective and safe storage locations close to industrial centers from where you can re-sell them at unprecedented liquidity in digital form without having to re-ship the physical commodity when your production plans change.


Fair and transparent price finding

Traders of MBX E-Commodities are not limited in choice of counter-party and will be able to follow recent trade prices between multiple parties on public ledgers in live allowing market participants to set prices accordingly.


No counter-party default risk

Unlike commodity derivatives, MBX tokenized commodities do not carry the risk of your counter-party (issuer of derivative) defaulting as they are fully backed by physical commodities at all times. This enables industries to hedge their raw material costs with much less risks in comparison to derivatives.


Globally and 24/7 accessible markets

Blockchain technology and decentralization enables an around-the-clock functional platform with less infrastructural barriers for global accessibility.

Curious for more?

FAQ's: MBX E-Commodities

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