Ultrafine Copper Powder

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Ultrafine Copper Powder

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Ultrafine Copper Powder

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What is Ultrafine Copper Powder? Ultrafine copper powder is pulverized copper of 99.999% copper purity and average particle size below 30 μm. Copper is the most used material in powder metallurgy and copper powder has a very wide field of application. Although there are cheaper copper powders with lower copper purity or relatively high particle sizes, when produced with a high purity level and a low particle size (ultrafine) it is much more expensive than copper cathodes due to the complex and cost intensive production process. The higher the purity and lower the particle size the more expensive the copper powder is.

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Why Ultrafine Copper Powder?

Increasing demand for copper

Demand for Copper will increase with developing nations improving their infrastructure, with increasing electrification, usage of green power generation technology, and electronic vehicles.

Economic inflation hedge

Copper is known to be a much better inflation hedge than gold. According to a correlation analysis of total return commodity indexes compiled by Bloomberg, for every 1 per cent annual increase in the consumer price index since 1992 copper jumped almost 18 per cent, more than three times the 5.2 per cent gain logged by gold. The benefit that Ultrafine Copper Powder has over the raw material Copper Cathode is that it is significantly cheaper to store safely over a long period of time.

Inexpensive to hold long-term

Due to the size to value ratio you can store a lot of value on very little space making it the cheapest way to invest into copper for the long-term. The compact size to value proportions of the physical assets backing the UCP MBX token make it the cheapest form of investing into physical copper in terms of safe-keeping, making it specifically suitable for holding over a longer period of time without losing most of your profits on expenses (nor are there contract expiration dates). The underlying assets are kept in tax-free-zone storage in Switzerland.

A bet on High-Tech

Ultrafine Copper Powder is a high tech raw material used in rapidly growing advanced-technology industries that are now being boosted by consumer demand for a high-tech, connected and environmentally sustainable future! The copper powder backing the UCP MBX token is particularly useful for high-tech applications such as 3D Printing, miniature electronics, conductive fillers and pastes, and EMI-Shielding. Click here to learn more about the applications and uses of copper powder.

UCP MBX: tokenized ultrafine copper powder

Crypto-asset backed by ultrafine copper powder

Each UCP MBX token is backed by one gram of electrolytic ultrafine copper powder with copper purity above 99.999% and average particle size below 10 micrometers. It is kept in argon gas filled glas ampoules to preserve quality and is stored in a high-security free-zone warehouse in Switzerland 🇨🇭 (duty-free). Token holders can redeem the underlying assets in increments of the content per one ampoule (200g and 280g) at any time at a flat fee cost for unlimited number of ampoules directly from the warehouse in Switzerland. Until now only traded off-exchanges and physically, we make this special commodity as accessible as never before together with significantly improving price-finding and increasing market efficiency, transparency, and liquidity. 


Ticker (MBX)

Unit / Token


Storage Location: Switzerland Free Zone (duties unpaid)


1 g
min. 99.999% Cu, average particle size below 10 μm and maximum particle size below 50 μm

active pre-sale

Capture exceptional prices during the Pre-Sale and Initial Token Offering!

The last publicly recorded price for similar Ultrafine Copper Powder was 1725 Euros / Gram! Source: Institute for Rare Earths & Metals AG (Click here to get to original page). To make up for the initial lack of liquidity during Pre-Sale, Initial Token Offering, and Initial Exchange Offering, we incentivise our early purchases with low prices for a limited time and supply.

assaying of the underlying assets

Assayed by multiple third parties

The underlying assets have been inspected and assayed multiple times (commissioned by various customers) by multiple reputable third parties including GIREDMET, Mosekspertiza, IGAS Research (Goslar, Germany) and the Institute for Rare Earths and Metals. Assaying and expertise reports will be made available with the offering documents sent to qualifying investors who may also visit our facilities and commission their own inspections.
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tokenized on multiple blockchains

Fully compliant tokenization on multiple blockchains

UCP MBX is tokenized on the Ethereum, Binance, and Nexus blockchains. Once MBX Chain is ready, holders of UCP MBX will have the option to transfer their tokens there. UCP MBX is compliant with applicable securities, AML, and sanctions regulations. MBX deploys built-in compliance features such as the smart-contract integrated whitelist function that prevents trading between parties that could lead to any compliance violations.


Overall lowest fees for a metal backed asset

UCP MBX comes with no additional transaction fee, free storage for 1 year after IEO and the unbeatable 0.1% p.a. holding fee after the free period (excluding insurance). Amongst the reasons for this low holding fee ist the compact value to size ratio of the underlying physical asset. Token holders can redeem physical ultrafine copper powder in increments of 200g and 280g (content per one ampoule) at any time at a flat fee cost of 3000 USD per redemption (unlimited quantity) directly from the warehouse in Switzerland (import procedures and duties at place of import apply).

purchase ucp mbx

How to buy UCP MBX

Start here!
Whitelist (KYC)

1. Users get whitelisted through our website (KYC)

2. Qualifying users receive offering documents and instructions on how to purchase

3. Users opting to purchase UCP MBX send payment to MBX and are added to the whitelist in the token smart-contract

4. MBX sends the purchased UCP MBX (sent amount in USD / price) to the buyers whitelisted address

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