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What is Ferrosilicon? Close to 90% of ferrosilicon is used in producing steel and iron. Ferrosilicon is a silicon source used to deoxidize steel and other ferrous alloys and to reduce metals from their oxides. This limits the loss of carbon from molten steel (a process known as heat blocking). Ferrosilicon is used in the production of of "green steel" and electrical steel, also known as silicon steel, which requires a significant quantity of ferrosilicon to improve the electrical properties of the steel, such as resistivity. Electrical or silicon steel is used for electromotors, transformer cores, and other electrical applications. Ferrosilicon is also used to make silicon and ferrous silicon alloys that are corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant. When ferrosilicon is alloyed with other metals, it can be used to manufacture semiconductors, which are in high demand in the electronics sector.

FeSi MBX: exchange traded tokenized ferrosilicon

The first exchange-traded ferrosilicon product in Europe

Currently Ferrosilicon is only traded as futures contract on the Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange in China, making it hard for European investors to access the ferrosilicon market and manufacturers to hedge Ferrosilicon costs. FeSi MBX will be accessible globally, divided into stockpiles all around the globe and be separated by token for each region. Below is a list of the currently active Ferrosilicon MBX markets. We are planning to expand markets as we grow. If you have suggestions for a new market get in touch with us. In comparison to CFDs, options, and futures, MBX E-Commodities are 100% physical asset backed at all times (meaning that the underlying physical assets are and remain available at the storage location in the name of the token holder). Click here to learn more about MBX E-Commodities. 


Ticker (MBX)

Unit / Token


Storage Location: Turkey Free Zone (duties unpaid)

FeSi 70 TR-FZ

1 MT
min. 70% Si, max. 2% Al

FeSi 65 TR-FZ

1 MT

min. 65% Si, max. 2% Al

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turkey: The bridge between east and west

Why we choose Turkey Free-Zone as our initial storage location for underlying physical Ferrosilicon

The reasons specific to Ferrosilicon are that Turkey itself is the 7th largest steel producer in the world and it offers cheap logistics to the European Union (which as Union is in second place for steel production worldwide) as well as many other top steel producing regions. At the same time, it also offers favorable conditions for supplying ferrosilicon from the currently participating and future suppliers. To learn more about the reasons why we chose Turkey Free-Zone you can click the article below.

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Join the MBX ecosystem and take your place in the next generation decentralized Ferrosilicon markets!

Trading commodities peer to peer on a decentralized ledger system removes many intermediaries and other fee-demanding events which increases your profit margin. Furthermore MBX increases flexibility, security, and transaprency for all market actors. The MBX ecosystem and E-Commodities link all market actors such as liquidity providers and physical traders creating a large and liquid market reflective of real industrial demand and supply. Sign-Up now to build the next generation decentralised Ferrosilicon MBX markets together with us:


FeSi MBX is a secure and low-cost instrument for traders, investors, and speculators who want to trade Ferrosilicon
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Eliminate counterparty default risk in Ferrosilicon trading by using the MBX transaction settlement system built as decentralized application
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Manufacturers with demand for Ferrosilicon can hedge their raw material costs and procure securely and instantly

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Suppliers of Ferrosilicon have direct access to a pool of global buyers ranging from industrial to speculative buyers

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Lending institutions and other financiers can make use of the digital and decentralized infrastructure for their commodity-related operations
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Provide automated and smart insurance policies for commodity logistics with decentralized applications and oracles

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Provide warehousing, transportation and other logistics services for the MBX commodity trading ecosystem
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Drive more business and cashflow to your assaying and inspection business through MBX
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Demand for Ferrosilicon

Ferrosilicon is an integral raw material in the production of steel. 3-4 kilograms of FeSi is used to produce one tonne of regular carbon steel, whereas stainless steel requires 20-40 KG of FeSi. However, the ferrosilicon market growth can outpace that of steel due to the rising demand for green and electrical (silicon) steel.

Electrical (or Silicon) Steel

Electrical steel is an iron alloy which can have a silicon content between 0 to 6.5%. Non-grain-oriented electrical steel (NGOES) is primarily used in rotating equipment (e.g. electric motors, generators and over frequency and high-frequency converters). Grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES) is used in static equipment such as transformers.

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