Advancing commodity markets with blockchain and decentralized applications

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Execute physical trades with decentralized infrastructure and integrated trade finance


Digital Warehouse Receipts

NFT-Commodities for secure collateralization and more


DEX Infrastructure

Order-Book based non-custodial exchange for tokenized-assets


The underlying blockchain technology

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The Roadmap

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Our decentralized applications will first run on popular smart-contract networks. Later, once usage and adoption warrants this move, these dApps will be moved on a MBX developed sub network or "sub-net". As an independent network, MBX Chain will be easy to scale and will be designated and designed specifically for the intended application. For example, as a permissioned network it will only allow verified users to interact with the blockchain ensuring compliance with sanctions and AML/CFT regulations. Furthermore, MBX Chain comes with ready- and simple-to-use decentralized applications for commodity trading and collateralization eliminating the need for self-development and associated costs and risks. Yet MBX Chain will maintain decentralization by having stake-holders run validators.


The native utility coin powering the MBX Chain


MBX Coin (V.1.0)

Utility-MBX Tokens are multi-purpose-vouchers exchangeable for MBX Services such as transactions on MBX dApps and MBX Chain. It is used to access the platform and pay platform fees (transaction fees). More information on fees will follow soon.

Disclaimer: MBX Coin / Utility-MBX is not a security and there will be no prospectus associated with MBX Coin / Utility-MBX. You do not have to be a qualified investor to purchase MBX Coin, however you still need to get whitelisted and go through KYC.

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Purchase Cap / Person


End of Pre-Sale & Lock-Up Period



MBX Coin Litepaper (coming soon)
MBX Chain Terms & Conditions (coming soon)