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Utilising blockchain technology to create the commodity markets of the future

Todays commodity markets are constrained by antiquated technology and processes ...

Traditional (paper) warehouse receipts carry a high fraud risk and existing financial instruments for commodities such as ETFs, CFDs, Options and Futures can be expensive to maintain, impractical for obtaining direct ownership and carry counter-party default risk. In addition, investing in some commodities can be expensive, impractical, and logistically difficult. Many commodities do not have exchange traded markets due to the associated costs of traditional systems to maintain one, and thus have a problem with market transparency, liquidity, and lack ways for industry to hedge market risk associated with their raw materials. Mercantile Blockchain Exchange will provide exposure to previously inaccessible, illiquid commodities without the complications of today’s current alternatives whilst solving many problems for industrial trading of commodities.

What are tokenized commodities and MBX E-Commodities?

MBX E-Commodities are next-generation digital warehouse receipts

Tokenized commodities (or crypto commodities) in general terms are accounting units (or tokens) administered on the blockchain that represent ownership of physical commodities or rights to physical commodities. MBX E-Commodities are tokens that represent digital warehouse receipts and are fully backed by physical commodities. They give the holder full ownership of and can be exchanged for the underlying physical commodity. MBX E-Commodities are the cornerstones of the MBX Ecosystem.

Physical commodities are safely stored in 3rd party depositories and can be exchanged for the corresponding blockchain tokens at any time.

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Standardized tokenized commodities can be traded on exchange, used for industrial off-exchange trades or collateralized for credit.

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Commodities are inspected before tokenization by 3rd party service providers. After, stockpiles are audited and reports are published regularly.

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the decentralised commodity trade ledger

Advancing commodity markets with blockchain & smart-contracts

Our mission is to solve inefficiencies, reduce fraud, modernize and digitze commodity trading and markets by utilizing distributed ledger technology (blockchain). MBX Chain will provide a platform that connects the entire commodity markets ecosystem — from traders, investors, asset providers, and producers to merchant bankers, commercial users, and others, transforming the way commodities are traded. The thorough inspection of commodities and relating documents, screening of commodity owners and auditing of storage process ensures the integrity of the "trust-less" trading platform to the highest possible decentralisation and lets traders of MBX Tokens comfortably transact without having to worry about the integrity of the underlying assets.

MBX in the media ...

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mbx coin

The native utility coin powering the decentralized MBX Commodity Trading Ecosystem

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we tokenise your commodities!

Tokenize for superior form of commodity ownership and connect with an untapped market of potential buyers.

Smart-contracts for physical trading

Our decentralised applications rid you of various transactional intermediaries and enables a risk-free trust-less trading of physical commodities.

decentralised trade finance & Insurance

Our decentralized applications take trade finance and trade related insurance contracts and transactions on-chain.

inventory management

Manage your raw material inventory flexibly and with outsourced logistics at optimal prices.

Cost hedging

Hedge against rising raw material costs and other market risks with innovative financial instruments linked directly to the physical markets.

dex & defi

The non-custodial peer-to-peer order-book-based marketplace will facilitate liquidity for E-Commodities and other assets in the MBX-Ecosystem while interacting with other related dApps and DeFi.

what are The advantages?

Advantages of using MBX to trade commodities

To find out more specific advantages and benefits of MBX products and services please click here and explore our solutions pages from the menu above. Below are some short (and generalized) advantages of using MBX to trade commodities.

Immediate ownership to the physical asset through a digital title
Digital certificates and automated processes fully compliant to global regulations
Thorough inspection of underlying assets and regular stockpile auditing

Semi- to fully- automated logistics and storage management solutions

Integrated compliance solutions for AML/CFT and ESG

Significantly improved liquidity and flexibility in trading

Eliminated counter-party default risk on multiple levels

Decentralized peer to peer trading and non-custodial accounts

Highly efficient technological infrastructure
Eliminates the need for transactional intermediaries

Unprecedented security through immutable ledgers and certificates

Transparency and tracking of commodity origin for ESG


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